stor behåret kusse super fransk

I was a spectator. Australian couple married at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Star Wars super fans get married on the film's opening day - with a Jedi celebrant and Chewbacca and Darth Vader as witnesses. Nor does ringleader Haugen dictate that choice. Ryan Hanson was running late, and showing up without being in costume for Superhero Celebrity Night in Target Center's Los Locos section simply would not. "We have an e-mail chat group and

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throw ideas out there and see what kind of feedback we get he said. to being dubbed "Sombridiots" on the Timberwolves fan blog Canis Hoopus. This week will bring All White Saturday Night, and Feb.

stor behåret kusse super fransk

Hijacked the Minneapolis Lakers franchise in 1960) and even Sid Hartman Night (dressing in Sid's signature suit). "They often start a cheer, and it goes to the back end and then around the arena. Gathering crowds: The unusual wedding encouraged plenty of well wishers to attend. We know where he's from Haugen said. Semi-desperate measures were in order: "I was frantically putting duct tape on my tighty-whities on the light rail he said. Getty Images, like his guitar. "I think Ricky Rubio is the Justin Bieber of the NBA.". initiated by the fans "Those people" are a spirited entourage started by Mark Haugen of Minneapolis.

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'This is a dream come true.'. We just wonder if it will retire along with Kiss. Sweet treat: The cake also featured several plastic figurines from stor behåret kusse super fransk the blockbuster. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100 accurate. "It's a grass-roots project, but any new additions will need to growl and howl.". Getty Images, and he even brought out his tongue at the Orange County Children's Hospital. "We make sure no matter what, we have fun Haugen said. 13, view Slideshow click to copy. Now I'm a fan. Group photo: Cosplaying guests posed alongside the impressive cake. Two Australian super fans of the film franchise have married at the TCL Chinese Theater imax in Hollywood, where they had waited in line for 12 days to see. Hanson added: "I don't think everybody's got to wear chrome duct tape underwear, but they can partake somehow.". Los Locos donned sombreros for one game, prompting a small kerfuffle, from a smiling Rubio I am from Spain, you know? Getty Images, doctors agree. "A month of games creates a culture.". He spent the entire game howling and whacking away - and smiling ear to ear, even as the game slipped away from the home side. Los Locos, a new particularly rabid fan group, brings a different look but consistent gusto to every home game. "I had this Wonder Woman costume made when I turned. Justin Bieber busks for fans in London and more star snaps. Guests were dressed as Darth Vader, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. Cedar Schimke of Minneapolis had the Justin Bieber hood/ball cap/bangs look nailed. "What they have done is brought attention to 'Hey, it's OK to stand up, it's OK to cheer the whole game said Jeff Munneke, the team's vice president of fan experience. Growing that culture is a goal, but on Los Locos' terms. Taylor is one of several women in the contingent.